“ROAR” by Cora Carmack (ARC Review) | And No, It’s Not That Annoying Katy Perry Song

NOTE: For some reason, my original review of this has somehow gotten deleted, so I’m uploading it again! I wrote it quite a while ago, so I APOLOGIZE IN ADVANCE IF IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

(Never trust anything written by fetus me. Even if fetus me is just me from a couple of months ago.)



Roar (Stormheart, #1)



Many thanks to the publisher, who kindly provided me with an ARC kindly via Netgalley. 


with luhhhvvv,

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.18.21 PM


35 thoughts on ““ROAR” by Cora Carmack (ARC Review) | And No, It’s Not That Annoying Katy Perry Song

  1. That cover art ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ You’re gifs are perfect Hannah! Especially the “woah there” gif! The storms premise sounds sooooooo good too but I’m just not a fan of constant “distractions” from the plot… haha but now I’m so intrigued about that ending you loved! Great review 😁

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  2. Ah this was a great review! I totally enjoyed it. 😉 I kiiiind of was interested in this one? But I saw another review really talking about how awful the romance is and I’m like nooope. OUTTA HERE. I hate aggressive-alpha-male romances.😒 I don’t find it sexy or anything, just totally awful ugh. I’m glad Roar develops as a character! I also think the cover is GORGEOUS. But I’m a bit tired of Special Snowflakes at the moment so I probably won’t be running out for this one. 😂😂

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    • Ahhh, thank you so muchh!!! ❤

      I know many people have enjoyed this, but yeah, NOPE, the romance definitely isn't my cup of tea. Over-the-top alpha males really rub me the wrong way, unfortunately. *subtly side-eyes Cassius*

      On the positive side, the cover really is beautiful; Roar looks TOTALLY badass. ❤


  3. Loved this review! 😀 So far, I’ve read quite a few middle of the road types of reviews for this book. I’m still really interested in reading it, mostly because of that gorgeous (Dany-inspired) cover, but it sounds like I might need to kee my expectations a little lower than I had them haha. I’m so tired of the broody-overly possessive aggressive type of male love interests. I don’t see the appeal LOL. It’s so frustrating the romance is like that for this one, but at least the MC develops well as a heroine! I’ll pick this book up one day, but no rush. Again, great review 🙂

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    • I know, right?!! The cover reminds me so much of Dany, and I loveee dany. 😻

      And thank you so much!! The romance definitely wasn’t for me; I usually hate alpha male characters with a passion. He was literally oozinggggg manliness. 🙄 If you do decide to pick it up, I hope you enjoy!! 💓


  4. OUF alpha male syndrome *runs away*
    Hehehe oops. But seriously, the trope is SO tired and blech, I would not care for it at all. I’m glad Roar stands up for her beliefs? But also special snowflake?
    *runs away again*
    Erm, I think this book is NOT calling out my name right now, buuuut I loved this review! It was so detailed and fun to read. 😀

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  5. Great review! The gifs and quotes really give a good feel for the book. I’m agreeing with all the other commenters though-
    Yuck to the caveman romances and I love Daenarys. And now I want to talk about the finale but I don’t want to spoil anything!! I wish he would finish writing the darn books!

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    • Thank you so much!! Gifs are actually my FAVORITE THINGS EVER. there’s one for practically every situation. 😀

      OH MY GOD YES THE FINALE. DANY <33 IT WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED AND MORE. tbh I haven't read the book yet *hides* but I'm planning on reading them soon!!

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  6. I am totally with you on this cover. It’s gorgeous! And the synopsis? Ding ding ding– Winner! Buuuuut… Your wonderful review covers so many aspects so well, I think you’ve convinced me to pass on this. I hate overly romantic books when I want something else. It’s one thing when I pick up a romance (yes, I am known to do this occasionally)– but it’s completely different when I am trying to read FANTASY. No lusty soft-core texts. Yuck. Plus. alpha males make me want to punch someone. Stupid men.

    Is this book part of a series? Do you hope to keep reading?

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    • right?? MAJOR MAJOR PROPS to the cover designer, and the synopsis writer. The synopsis makes the entire book sound so INTERESTING. ❤

      Romance is arguably one of the main points of the novel, so it kind of made the whole "alpha male caveman" romance seem even worse. I mean, I'm sure plenty of other readers have loved it, but it's definitely not my sort of thing. it made me want to literally shove both Cassius and Locke into the middle of a storm and never look back.

      to answer your last question: yes, I believe this is a duology!! I'll probably still keep reading because I don't like leaving series unfinished, and also that cliffhanger was prettyyy fantastic.

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      • It’s those cliffhangers that will get you EVERY TIME. I have totally continued series I shouldn’t have (*coughDivergentcough*) due to cliff-hangers. Silly me. I hope that the second book is more enjoyable for you. i.e. Less wanting to shove the romantic interests into storms. Perhaps you’ll only want to bop them on the head once or twice?

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      • Cliffhangers are truly evil little creatures, but I can’t seem to get enough of them. *sniffs* and oh, I hope with my heart that I’ll want to keep the shoving-into-storms to a minimum with the next book. :’)

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