Which #GIRLPOWER Contemporary YA Book Should You Read According To Your Ice Cream Preferences? | I Know That You Know That You Want to Know This

I love classifying readers according to their ice cream preferences.* Deeply philosophical stuff, really. It tells you so much about them.*

HELP ME I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO POST HELP I thought this was such an incredibly ingenious idea; it’s not like this quiz hasn’t done 1049290 times before. HELP ME I’M STUCK IN THE WORST BLOGGING SLUMP EVER I’m just blown away by my own creativity. HELPPP

Basically: Just click on each of the yummy ice cream pics to find out which YA book you match to!! Be sure to have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s near you on standby, because this may or may not result in intense ice cream craving episodes.

Image result for ice cream gif
my spirit animal… or sponge. spirit sponge.

*Ice Cream Psychology 101. LET’S MAKE IT A THING.

1. Vanilla “Smol Bean”

for smol little marshmallows who like sweet wholesome friendships

Image result for vanilla ice cream

2. “Minty Fresh” Chocolate Chip (not a toothpaste ad)

for people who want to stay fresh and speak out against ridiculous, overused tropes like slut shaming

Image result for mint chocolate chip ice cream

3. Chocolate “Darker Than Your Soul”

for bookish masochists who crave emotional, gut-wrenching reads

Image result for chocolate ice cream

4. “On the Grind” Coffee

for passionate advocates of education who like to ESPRESSO their opinion*

Image result for coffee ice cream

*ESPRESSO = EXPRESS?? get it?? GET IT?? HAHAHA…ha…hahaha…ha

5. “Secretly Evil” Strawberries and Cream

for seemingly adorable bunny rabbit people who are secretly planning world domination

Image result for strawberry ice cream

6. “Deceptively Cutesy” Rainbow Sherbert

for readers who have been lied to by cute rainbow innocent covers

Image result for sherbet ice cream

7. Matcha Green Tea

(aka The Best Ice Cream Ever but I’m clearly not biased)

for readers who aren’t afraid to get down to the nitty-gritty*

Image result for green tea ice cream

*I have no idea I just wrote

8. Um, none of the above because obviously BOBA is better than ice cream

for super edgy readers who like constantly getting judged for their life choices

Image result for boba


Capture let us chat.png

so, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor?? Do you spell it flavor or flavour??  Did you read the book you got matched with? MOST IMPORTANTLY: Have you ever tried boba before, BECAUSE YOU SHOULD??


Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.18.21 PM


72 thoughts on “Which #GIRLPOWER Contemporary YA Book Should You Read According To Your Ice Cream Preferences? | I Know That You Know That You Want to Know This

  1. It’s funny because I don’t really like ice cream or boba. I much prefer frozen custard or gelato or a sorbet if I’m going to eat something frozen. (Which I rarely do.) But, I picked mint ice cream. The book sounds interesting but not one I’ll likely read since I don’t read about rape unless it’s a side plot.

    Really unique post, Hannah!

    – Caidyn

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  2. I picked chocolate, and I haven’t read the book, but now I really, really want to! It seems like something I’d like. And, I tried boba. Didn’t… really… like it. Please don’t hate me. 😁

    Awesome post, Hannah!! 💜❤️💛🙂

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  3. im in awe of your boba loving mind and how you came up with this and now i will steal it from you (if i ever decide to put effort into my posts)

    also now im craving ice cream even though its freezing outside, good job

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    • AHH thank youuuu my heart is now exploding from happiness and validation ❤

      AHAHA this is such an overdone quiz but it was fun to do so 😛 and oMG what are you talking about your posts are all so fun to read???

      sameee. I seem to crave ice cream in super cold weather. actually, I crave ice cream all the time so :')

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  4. DID I..just WHAT? WHY IS THERE NO COOKIE DOUGH or COOKIES & CREAM option here. *sigh* I love Vanilla so…Exit, Pursued by a bear. Which sounds great? IDK HOW YOU WILL COME OUT OF YOUR READING SLUMP but this was a super fun post. I MEAN FREAKING ICE CREAM

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  5. *waves and cheers enthusiastically for you* U CAN DO IT U CAN BEAT THE BLOGGING SLUMP I BELIEVE IN U!!!
    *picks strawberry*…WHAT?! “World domination”??? Pfft…I don’t know what you’re talking about…*evil plans spill from pocket* OK LOOK I CAN EXPLAIN!!!
    P.S: I obviously spell it falvoUr because hello extra vowels are DA BEST

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    i also clicked on rainbow sherbet bc dsfhgdhfsgbhsd and the female of the species popped up and I’m just like “IS THIS A SIGN?”. just a few seconds ago, i literally mentioned on emma’s blog (emma from thoughtsofabrowneyedgirl) that i gotta read that asap and now this???? thank you again??? oh my god 👀

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    • yayyy, thank you!! My mission in life is officially accomplished. ❤ I'm in a constant state of craving ice cream, so I can relate.

      oooo you should definitely check it out!! YES IT IS A SIGN. The book has officially deemed you as its own. it's a super fun book, and the protagonist is a major badass. a very violent badass.

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  7. Where is the cookies and cream FLAVOR? I picked Strawberry as a back up and the book sounded pretty interesting.
    This was a really cool idea so I wouldn’t worry about being in a blogging slump. If you are worried about it, you should just go read something to review. 😛

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    • OH NO *hides* I can’t believe I forgot cookies and cream!!! pls forgive me

      and oooh, that book is so absolutely delightful!! I would totally recommend it!! and ugh, blogging slumps are the worst. but nothing’s more horrible than being stuck in a blogging slump AND reading slump at the same time. :’)

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  8. I really love this post! Well done! Now, you’re missing all my favorite flavors (yup, I don’t use a U. American all the way) such as salted caramel, peanut butter cup, or rocky road– but I’ll forgive you this one time. I picked Coffee and, surprisingly enough, I have read Malala’s biography already! I love this book. In fact, I listened to the audiobook and I would highly recommend it. It’s brilliant.

    And yes, I have tried boba before! I haven’t had it in years since I moved to Wisconsin. I’m sure there is a boba place somewhere– but nowhere convenient! I’ll have to hunt one down. For you. What’s you favorite boba flavor?

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    • Yay, thank you! ❤ and I can't believe I forgot salted caramel??? OR PEANUT BUTTER, FOR THAT MATTER?? *glances at blog title* *sighs* Dx I am disappointed in myself. and SAME, I'm 100% 'Murican but I find the other spelling of flavor as "flavour" super cool except autocorrect constantly marks it as incorrect. :')

      and yes, her book was so incredibly inspirational!! I have yet to try my first audiobook, but I'll keep that recommendation in mind. 😉

      AND DFSDLFJ ISN'T BOBA THE BEST THING EVER?? where I live, there's at LEAST one boba place every two blocks. it's like boba paradise. and oooooh, that quesiton's hard, but lately I've been getting milk tea with extra boba XD

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      • I’m glad you’ve seen the error of your ways in neglecting peanut butter ice cream. 😉 But yes, I spell a lot of things the British way, like theatre or centre or cheque— but I still have an American spell-checker on my computer because I work in corporate America. O_o I don’t know what it is about the other spellings which appeal to be, but they do.

        Let me know if you ever want a list of audiobook recommendations! I can do that! 😀

        I think my favorite boba has been taro balls in milk tea, but I also like traditional tapioca with foam red tea. #BobaSnob — It’s a shame there isn’t a boba cafe somewhere near me! Now I’m craving it; I had best head downtown and get some.

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  9. I’m definitely into speaking out against slut shaming! Although frankly my ice cream preference changes all the time, so I probably would like a lot of these books!

    Also this feature was really cool? Do you do these click-throughs often and I’m just daft and have missed them all?

    And I have never heard of boba; on the other hand, I live in the woods, so I miss a lot of stuff. I know I could Google this, but conversation is more fun: what’s it like?

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    • oh god, slut-shaming in books makes my blood boil with volcano-lava-rage. GAHH, it’s 2017, why is this still happening??

      and HAHA, I’m glad to hear that! ❤ It's my first time doing something like this (because I ran out of good ideas, #woops), but this was actually a super fun post!! and not just because I got to talk extensively about ice cream!!

      OH MY GOODNESS, YOU'VE NEVER TRIED BOBA?????!!!! you MUST TRY IT IMMEDIATELY AHH. I'm still petitioning to have it be considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. I don't really know how that would work, but…. STILL. anyways, they're basically TINY CHEWY BUNDLES OF PURE AMAZINGNESS in the form of ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS TAPIOCA BALLS. it's like a party in your mouth. they're sweet, and sometimes drenched in honey, and just SO SO YUMMY. you can have them in basically any drink, but it works best in tea, slushes, and smoothies!! did I mention that BOBA IS THE BEST??

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  10. This is such a clever little post! Since I’m a fan of all these flavors, I guess I’ll just have to read all the books haha. All of them seem like tough but interesting reads. I guess because I usually end up ordering mint chip more often than the other flavors, I suppose I’ll bump up Some Boys on my list. Sounds like a gut-wrenching read but worth it in the end. Thanks for all the recommendations! 😀

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  11. This is a great post idea! I’m a vanilla ice cream girl, as in if I’m eating ice cream I will eat no other flavors [flavors with an O that is, not OU, what are you someone who isn’t American? (:D I realize we’re like the only country who spells it with an O, we think we’re special. Unless I’m wrong? Who else doesn’t add an U?)]. And no I haven’t read “Exit, Pursued by a Bear” though the title is intriguing indeed, I might have to check it out just for that. I have tried and disliked boba, my taste buds aren’t refined enough 🙂 .

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  12. GEE THANKS HANNAH NOW I’M CRAVING ICE CREAM (pff no of course I don’t *always* crave ice cream what are you talking about) Ice creaaaaaammm (idk what I did there) is the best. Books are the best. Ergo this post is the best!! ❤ 😉 I'm going to be a clever bean and say I love ALL the ice cream flavours and so all of these contemporary books are for me obviously. (Wait now my TBR grew even larger what have I done) (I have to say I haven't tried all these flavours before though BUT I KNOW I LOVE THEM OKAY.)
    Lovely post, Hannah! I will definitely check out these books (and icecreaaaammm). ❤

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  13. This is such a creative post idea! Not going to lie though, I ended up clicking on each ice cream because I wanted to see all the books XD. Definitely some great recommendations in a really neat format. Alsoooo you got me craving some ice cream, so basically this post is a win!

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