5 “Bright We Burn” Excerpts I Collected From Twitter & Am Posting Here Just Because

FIRST OFF, if you haven’t read And I Darken, drop everything and PICK UP A COPY IMMEDIATELY. I demand it.

Secondly, did you see those pomegranates on the cover? It’s possibly the most violent fruit I’ve ever seen—and I love it.




  • impalings
  • lots of violent romance
  • beautiful covers that depict weapons brutally stabbing flowers, jewelry, and fruit (yes, fruit. a pomegrante, to be exact.)
  • gender-swapped dracula woahhh
  • an antiheroine who is not drop-dead gorgeous and wiLL nOT conFORm to your deLICATE sensibilities
  • the ottoman empire!! history!!
  • Need I say more

The second book in The Conqueror’s Saga, Now I Rise, released this past summer, and Bright We Burn is being released July 10. I’m basically shaking with anticipation.

I don’t think Delacorte has released a formal excerpt, so for now, here are five little snippets I’ve screenshotted from the author’s social media accounts! (Her user is @kierstenwhite and she is genuinely HILARIOUS so if you have a Twitter I urge you to click the follow button ASAP!)

To those who have not yet read And I Darken: READ NO FURTHER. (Spoilers, obviously.)

(Also here’s some shameless self-promo: And I Darken | Now I Rise)

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1. Excerpt From First Chapter (AKA All Hail Prince Lada)

Lada Dracul had cut through blood and bone to get the castle.

I think this line speaks for itself. GO LADA GO DESTROY THEM ALL MY PRECIOUS MURDER DARLING.

You can read the rest of the excerpt here!

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2. Opening Sentences Of An Extremely Brutal Chapter


Lada surveyed the bridge mournfully. “Are we certain we do not have enough gunpowder to just blow it up?”

Nicolae put a hand on her shoulder and gave a grim nod. “I am afraid we have to dismantle it the old-fashioned way: by forcing other people to do it.”

Apparently Kiersten White’s signs copies of these books with a heartfelt “I’m so, so, so sorry” which is TOTALLY REASSURING.

3. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

So that meant thirty thousand. She had expected fewer than that, but—

“Sixty thousand fighting men.”

“God’s wounds,” she exhaled, letting the number wash over her like the waves lapping at the shore in front of her. “Sixty thousand? Are you certain?”

“Another twenty thousand in support, but judging from the supply trains, they do not expect this to be a long campaign.”

“Sixty thousand.” Lada lowered her head. And then she started laughing. It was snorts and exhalations, her shoulders shaking with the effort of keeping silent.

“Are you… well?”

Lada shook her head. Sixty thousand! No one could have guessed Mehmed would bring that many. Not even she had guessed. She knew it was wrong, but something warm and pleased licked to life deep inside her. It really was a tremendous show of respect on his part.

And a deeply inconvenient one. This was a fine time for someone to finally take her seriously.

I think we can all agree that Mehmed and Lada aren’t exactly the best at dating? I’m pretty sure the only way Lada knows how to express her love is by sending him legions of armies.

4. Meals at Tirgoviste

Nicolae gestured to the bundle of reports he had given her. “Did you see the new woodcut? Very skilled artist. It is the next page.”

She was sorting through as best she could while riding, dropping each page to the road as she finished. None had been anything but slander. Nothing important. Nothing true. Her thick gloves were not suited to manipulating thin sheets, but she shuffled until she found the illustration. “I am dining on human flesh amid a forest of impaled bodies.”

“You are! Meals in Tirgoviste have changed since you sent me out here.”

Lada adjusted her red satin hat, a jeweled star in the middle representing the falling star that had accompanied her ascension to the throne. “He got my hair all wrong.”

Nicolae reached out and tugged one of her long, curling locks. “It is difficult to capture such majesty with simple tools.”


5. Random Quote

She is my light that never goes out. And you are the glass that protects our flame.

If this isn’t Nazira and Fatima I swear I’m going to stab someone Lada-style.

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Nab a Copy

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.53.05 AMScreen Shot 2017-08-27 at 1.53.37 AM

(P.S. If you preorder through Mystgalaxy, you get a signed/personalized book PLUS some cute Radu + Lada art!)

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let us chat

Have you read And I Darken yet? Do you love reading about fierce heroines? WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE EXCERPTS?

19 thoughts on “5 “Bright We Burn” Excerpts I Collected From Twitter & Am Posting Here Just Because

  1. So… I haven’t read And I Darken, I should probably run and buy myself a copy right now? 😂 I have heard so many positive things about this series, I am so happy you’re enjoying it so much, you certainly made me want to read it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OH MY GOSH thank you for putting these together, this is the first time I’m reading these excerpts. Yes, we can definitely say Lada and Mehmed aren’t the best at dating. Did I mention how much I hate Mehmed?? That little manipulative jerk 😐 . I seriously need Lada and Radu to realize how bad he is for them and I need the Dracul siblings to finally make up and be a team. AND YES NICOLAE, he’s so great! Ooo that last quote! I hope that’s Nazira and Fatima because I need more of those two.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHA no problem, I had so much fun doing this!! (I wish they’d release a formal excerpt soon T^T)
      Mehmed is definitely not the most upfront guy ever… he was honestly such a snake in Now I Rise, though I do want to read a few chapters from his POV!! (AND YES. The siblings need to make up or my heart will never be complete)
      NICOLAE IS MY FAVORITE SIDE CHARACTER EVER. ❤ oooh and I'm 200% sure that the last quote refers to Nazira, Fatima, and Radu bc they're all such darlings~


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