I’m Baaaaack [From The Dead]! *Cue Riotous Applause* + Choose An Iconic Seasonal Drink And Get An Equally As Iconic YA Short Story Collection Recommendation


I am back. (From the dead, basically). *modestly accepts flowers and applause* I promise I haven’t forgotten about you lovely souls, I just needed to take a “””quick””” break… and then a year went by so fast? But I missed you all! And I missed reading your wonderful content! (And I feel terrible about my inactivity!) ❤

Here are all the Life Updates, aka things that have happened these past few months that you probably didn’t ask for but I’ll happily give you anyways!

  • I read 50 books!! YES I know what an accomplishment for me!! alas, I am still woefully behind my actual TBR and I haven’t updated GR in…. months ):
  • My dog ate my homework (multiple times, may I mention). true story. I love her to death, but I have to admit I almost spontaneously combusted after realizing she chewed the corners of my painstakingly-constructed tri-fold :’)
  • I recently survived finals season, and my emotions can basically be summed up through this very pertinent emoticon: 😔
  • I also survived college admissions season!!! I’m *this close* to being a college freshman!! (take a shot every time I use exclamation marks and you’ll probably pass out by the end of this update!) If you live or happen to drop by the LA area, hit me up because that’s where I’ll be studying 😉

Also, after so much time on hiatus, I would just like to mention that it’s SUPER amusing to recognize the stark difference between my Blogging Voice (aka my weeping + ranting + screaming about books persona) and my Essay Writing Voice (aka my “STOP USING EM DASHES” persona). Because I haven’t written a blog post in forever, I have to admit, it’s incredibly refreshing being able to write literally however!! I! want! the rules of grammar do not apply to me!!! (If I did this in one of the college essays I churned out back in winter, I genuinely think the admissions officers would question my sanity.)

watercolor flower border

As for the Quiz…

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy steamy fall beverages or iconic winter treats! Now, without further ado, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: please click on a yummy-looking seasonal drink and receive your equally as yummy short story collection recommendation. ❤

Gingerbread Latte

Image result for gingerbread latte
for those who love comfy sweaters and intimate chats by the fireplace

Peppermint Mocha Cappuccino

Related image
for bookworms who love magic, murder, and… peppermint (duh)

Frozen Butterbeer

Related image
for those who insist that their Hogwarts letters got lost in the mail (it’ll come one day!)

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Related image
for bookworms who don’t mind a little bit of spice

Cloud Frappuccino

Related image
for bookworms with an insatiable sweet tooth for romance

Iced Tea Lemonade

Image result for lemonade
for those who love drama and live for characters’ messy romantic complications

Strawberry Smoothie

Image result for strawberry smoothie
for strawberry-lovers who believe in soulmates and true love

watercolor flower border

Here’s to hoping that I don’t fall off the face of the blogging universe again. Fingers crossed!


Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.18.21 PM

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3 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaack [From The Dead]! *Cue Riotous Applause* + Choose An Iconic Seasonal Drink And Get An Equally As Iconic YA Short Story Collection Recommendation

  1. Welcome back, Hannah!! Wow, the idea behind the book recommendations are super cool and novel! Congrats on surviving the college admission session! I’ll send you my standing ovation! lol


  2. Ahh, Hannah! It’s so good to see you again! ❤ Congrats on finishing finals and ahh I hope your summer has been amazing and completely essay-less so far. 😉 I can't wait for any posts you do in the future!


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