Before and After: Book Blog Edition | In Which I Take You Through My Blog’s Embarrassingly Awkward Evolution

My blog is honestly such an adventure because every single time you visit my site something changes! A well-developed, consistent theme? WHAT IS THAT LOL.

If you can’t already tell from my a) incoherent paragraphs, b) grammatical errors, and c) refusal to edit said grammatical errors, it’s currently 2:30 AM and I… don’t know what I’m typing. I feel drunk except all I’ve had today is three pouches of CapriSun and I’m most likely just excessively sleep-deprived. I should really stop

fun fact this is the gif I use most often and I don’t know what that says about me

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“The History of Jane Doe” Moodboard (Ft. Green Cows, Cookies, Milk, & Did I Mention Green Cows) | Blog Tour

Hello, friends! Long time no see!

(Why does this intro sound like the beginning of a passive aggressively worded email.)

I’m so excited to return from the dead and participate in the blog tour for Micheal Belanger’s A History of Jane Doe, a quirky little story about love, loss, and green cows.

Yes, you read that right, green cows. Lots of them. And it is every bit as fabulous as it sounds.

Other delightful things this book includes: an abundance of cookies and milk, conspiracy theories involving a flying possum, human groundhogs, and outrageous historical anecdotes.

My review is still currently Under Construction and will be coming sometime…. this century,  but I’ve curated moodboards that (hopefully!) reflect the overall vibe of the characters and the story.

(If you’re unfamiliar with moodboards, they’re basically collages of photographs, usually edited with a similar filter or color palette, meant to convey a certain emotion, character, image. In my experience, they’re used by companies to help develop their products or brand image, but they’re also super popular in the fandom world and used for character inspiration by writers.)

Also, can I just say—I dove very deep into the realms of Tumblr and Pinterest to make this and now I feel like a true hipster.

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Book Tag, Day 2 | In Which I Snidely Sip on Boba Coffee Whilst Preparing to Defend Daisy Buchanan to the Death

As always, thank you to the lovely Danielle @ Life of a Literary Nerd for the tag!!

Today’s quote is about the defining novel of the Roaring Twenties, the epitome of English-class-worthy symbolism and metaphorical prose, the subject of the Leonardo-Di-Caprio-didn’t-get-an-Oscar-for-this-HAHA film adaption: The Great Gatsby.

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Book Tag, Day 1 | Ft. My Incredibly Unhealthy Sleep Cycles

So I was basically SUPER excited when I was tagged for this because there’s nothing more I love in this world other than boba, sleep, and QUOTES! As a self-professed person with no life, I like to scroll through Goodreads reading people’s quotes. (Which is mildly stalker-ish, because I feel like choice of quotes really says a lot about a person?)

Anyhow, a huuuge thank-you to the lovely Danielle @ Life of a Literary Nerd for the wonderful nomination! She is basically the best, and you should all immediately shower her blog with love and cookies because she totally deserves it! ❤

Also, here’s a quick life update that absolutely no one asked for but I’m going to give anyway:

  • I am functioning on three hours of sleep on average because DEADLINES and SCHOOL
  • No, I do not know how I’m still alive
  • someone help
  • :))))))))
  • (This is me, laughing through the pain)


Related image

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Burn, Write, Reread Tag | Wherein I figuratively burn lots of books I hate

I was tagged a literal year ago by May @ My 1st Chapter, whose posts are always a delight to read! If you’re on here, May *waves frantically* thank you for tagging me, I love this tag and I love you.

I know this tag is super outdated but no judgement plz, I’m late to everything else in life so this honestly shouldn’t be a surprise. :’)

(Obviously I would be figuratively rewriting all these books because no matter how much I like to dish out 1-star ratings, my own “writing” basically consists of me slamming my head on the keyboard and hoping something coherent comes out.)

ANYWAYS, the rules are: (1) Go to your “read” shelf on Goodreads, (2) Categorize them under “Random”*, (3) Pick the first 3 books that appear, and (4) Repeat 4 times more, & (5) Judge away!!

*This sounds easy, but because I’m a naturally daft person, it took me forever to find the “randomizer” button. I spent a good fifteen minutes scrolling through Goodreads and then gave up and consulted the all-knowing Google. *shrugs*

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