Oh my goodness, I’m so bad at this award thing. I was nominated for it practically EONS ago, but…. procrastination. *hides*

Thanks to the Steph @ Lost: Purple Quill for nominating me for this award. She’s basically the equivalent of the happy sun emoji, so hop on over to her blog and immerse yourself in her greatness!! (Okayyy that sounded really weird, but you get my point. SHE’S GREAT.)

Blogger Recognition Award | In Which I Practically Swim In Validation

I feel so recognized right now and it’s the best thing ever.

I think I’m going to print this badge out and frame it in my room so that I can look at it whenever I need to feel validated again. Which is basically all the time, let’s be honest, because I’m a very #desperate and #insecure lil marshmallow.

(Also please note that I am using these hashtags ironically because I think they are the worst things EVER, but at the same time I find them so so funny. #ilikewritinglonghashtagslikethis #couldyouevenreadthat)

look…. look at how beautiful this is *single tear*

ANYWAYS, massive thanks are in order to the lovely Queen Delphine *, who very generously tagged me, a mere peasant! Her posts are always a delight to read and she’s SO SASSY and SO SO WONDERFUL. I love it. I love her posts. I love her. I love you. I AM FILLED WITH LOVE FOR ALL THINGS.**

*WOW that rhymed! Coincidence? I think not!

**except for American cheese, I hate American cheese. And also the Percy Jackson movie. I hate that too.

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