Which #GIRLPOWER Contemporary YA Book Should You Read According To Your Ice Cream Preferences? | I Know That You Know That You Want to Know This

I love classifying readers according to their ice cream preferences.* Deeply philosophical stuff, really. It tells you so much about them.*

HELP ME I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO POST HELP I thought this was such an incredibly ingenious idea; it’s not like this quiz hasn’t done 1049290 times before. HELP ME I’M STUCK IN THE WORST BLOGGING SLUMP EVER I’m just blown away by my own creativity. HELPPP

Basically: Just click on each of the yummy ice cream pics to find out which YA book you match to!! Be sure to have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s near you on standby, because this may or may not result in intense ice cream craving episodes.

Image result for ice cream gif
my spirit animal… or sponge. spirit sponge.

*Ice Cream Psychology 101. LET’S MAKE IT A THING.
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Reading Slumps, The Bane of Any Bookworm’s Miserable Existence | 7 Foolproof Ways To (Sort Of) Drag Yourself Out Of Them

What exactly is a reading slump, you ask? Allow me to enlighten you.

reading slump (n)

  • the devil incarnate.
  • a specter that haunts a reader’s worst nightmares.
  • not being able to a book because you can’t. you just CAN’T.

To give you a better picture of the monstrosity that is a READING SLUMP, allow me to present an actual, real-life scenario, starring yours truly and inspired by Urban Dictionary. Because obviously we all know that Urban Dictionary is such a trusted and legitimate source of factual information.

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The UNIQUE Blogger Award (Who, Me??!!)

You might be asking yourself, why is there a picture of pineapples on the featured image?? What does this award even have to do with pineapples?

WELL, a) this photo was aesthetic and b) more importantly, it was FREE. Those are the two things I look for in life: aesthetic and free.

Also, I really like pineapples, just not on my pizza because that is just UNNATURAL end of the story. (Join me in my quest to cleanse the pineapple-on-pizza plague from existence, one scathing remark at a time!)*

MOVING ON, I can’t believe I’ve been nominated for ANOTHER award! *squeals* Sending all the love to the bibliophile Ash @ Ash the Bookworm for generously nominating me! You can also send all the love, too, by checking out her amazin’ blog because she deserves so many more followers. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL VALIDATED. LOVE YOU. ❤

*I may have just offended the entire pineapple-lover population 

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“ROAR” by Cora Carmack (ARC Review) | And No, It’s Not That Annoying Katy Perry Song

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Wonder Woman Tag (Basically, The BEST TAG EVER)





^ No, that was not me slamming my head against the keyboard multiple times, though that’s a close guess! This is obviously the sound of the amazing new Wonder Woman theme!

I’m such a fake fan– honestly, I haven’t even read the comics. FIGHT ME.**

Wonderwoman GIF - Wonderwoman Wonder Woman GIFs

I was tagged by the sweetie pie Emma @ Thoughts of a Brown Eyed Girl, whose blog is always such a delight to read, and who you should definitely check out because she, like Wonder Woman, is also THE BEST.

**Actually, don’t because my arms have all the strength of two limp spaghetti noodles

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