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Which #GIRLPOWER Contemporary YA Book Should You Read According To Your Ice Cream Preferences? | I Know That You Know That You Want to Know This

I love classifying readers according to their ice cream preferences.* Deeply philosophical stuff, really. It tells you so much about them.* HELP ME I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO POST HELP I thought this was such an incredibly ingenious idea; it’s not like this quiz hasn’t done 1049290 times before. HELP ME I’M STUCK IN THE […]

Reading Slumps, The Bane of Any Bookworm’s Miserable Existence | 7 Foolproof Ways To (Sort Of) Drag Yourself Out Of Them

I also like to think of reading slumps as dark, forbidding shadow demons that creep out every time you so much as put down a book for more than an hour.

Or maybe dragons that you have to slay every once in a while. But not the cute little dragons, the terrifying ones that eat human body parts for breakfast.

Regardless of what your Reading Slump Demon looks like, planning what to do in case of an attack is a must. Because it’s going to happen, guys.