Blogger Recognition Award | In Which I Practically Swim In Validation

I feel so recognized right now and it’s the best thing ever.

I think I’m going to print this badge out and frame it in my room so that I can look at it whenever I need to feel validated again. Which is basically all the time, let’s be honest, because I’m a very #desperate and #insecure lil marshmallow.

(Also please note that I am using these hashtags ironically because I think they are the worst things EVER, but at the same time I find them so so funny. #ilikewritinglonghashtagslikethis #couldyouevenreadthat)

look…. look at how beautiful this is *single tear*

ANYWAYS, massive thanks are in order to the lovely Queen Delphine *, who very generously tagged me, a mere peasant! Her posts are always a delight to read and she’s SO SASSY and SO SO WONDERFUL. I love it. I love her posts. I love her. I love you. I AM FILLED WITH LOVE FOR ALL THINGS.**

*WOW that rhymed! Coincidence? I think not!

**except for American cheese, I hate American cheese. And also the Percy Jackson movie. I hate that too.


The Rules:

  • Thank your beautiful and benevolent nominator who needs to stop complimenting herself
  • Offer up your entire life story in no less than 50k words
  • Just kidding, you only have to tell us about how your blog got started (the life story part is optional but highly recommended)
  • Offer 2 recommendations for your fellow bloggers
  • Recognize 10 more wonderful bloggers
  • Let your nominees know you’ve recognized them


How it all got started

I shall regress back to good, old-fashioned bullet points because BULLET POINTS ARE COOL.

It’s not really anything that special or inspirational, unfortunately? I wanted something to do with my life, so I made a blog?? Why am I talking in questions? And yeah, it basically changed my life.* 💕

  • I really loved talking about books with friends, but I wanted more people to talk books with
  • Soooo I started a blog but I HAD NO IDEA how anything worked
  • like I literally did not know that the Reader featured existed until two months ago
  • don’t ever look at my earlier posts because they’re so cringe
  • I want to delete everything written by fetus me
  • Seriously, I probably will
  • I love you guys
  • 😘
  • (I’ve never seen a bulleted emoji before, but there’s a first time for everything I guess)

*OH MY GOD this is so cheesy I’m sorry. but blogging did change my life!! because now I’m EVEN MORE STRESSED. ON TOP OF SCHOOLWORK I HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THIS, TOO. So… THANKS, blog.*

**jk I love all you guys & I love my blog


Sage words of advice that everyone should take to heart

1. Interact, comment, like, share, EXPLORE!

There’s so many wonderful people in the bookish community (and the blogging community in general), so if you hole up in your little blogging cave, you’ll be missing out! We’re all just bundles of joy!!! Right? RIGHT?? * 🙂

Image result for hug gif

On that same note, it’s best if you try to focus more on the people rather than JUST the numbers. Of course, it’s great to be ambitious. It’s great to put passion and effort into growing your blog.

(I, for one, always experience a surge of much-needed-but-not-really-deserved validation whenever I see that beautiful orange bubble pop up in the corner of my screen.)

At the same time, however, you shouldn’t let the cold, hard statistics consume your blogging life! Just have as much fun as you can, because BOY can blogging be stressful.

*just kidding, us bookworms can be terrifying and emotionally unstable creatures, and that’s a fact

2. Magically disappear from the Blog-o-sphere when you need to.

It’s so important to remember to blog for yourself, too! You shouldn’t feel obligated to post regularly if you feel like Real Life (aka working, or adulting, or student-ing, or myriad other stressful activities that involve expending vast amounts of energy) becomes too overwhelming.

I used to be the kind of person that took many, many, MANY random, unplanned hiatuses. I would occasionally drop off the face of the earth for a month or two and then slide dramatically back onto social media like “YOOO WHAT DID I MISS!!”

Now, however, this tip is as much for me as it is for the benefit of all of you. My heart oozes with guilt whenever I’m not active on social media for more than a day.

(It’s probably ideal to notify your fellow bloggers before you fall off the face of the Blogosphere!! That way, they know you’re just taking a break and not lying unconscious in a ditch somewhere in Tralalalalalaland.)

Image result for thumbs up gif


Wonderful Bloggers That Deserve All The Praise (and who I think didn’t receive this award yet?? hopefully??)

Of course, don’t feel any pressure to do this if you don’t want to. And even if I haven’t specifically tagged you, I think you’re all WONDERFUL and deserve to be recognized, so consider yourself tagged! ❤


let us chat

what about you?? how did YOUR blog get started?? do you love feeling validated?? have you ever “accidentally” taken an unplanned hiatus??


Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.18.21 PM

34 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award | In Which I Practically Swim In Validation

  1. Love that Let’s Chat graphic! LOOKING FAB. U. LOUUUS!! I love that one of your pieces of blogging advice was taking a break when you needed to! That is just such sweet and important advice! I AGREE! *gives random hug* Interacting IS JUST SO ESSENTIAL THO otherwise no one knows u are! I remember starting out when I was a blogger and being this smol penguin who didn’t follow any blogs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • *blushes* THANK YOU SO MUCH!! you are FABULOUS TOO!!! (but I’m still working on that graphic ;_;)

      YES, interacting is so important and also so fun because (and pardon my cheesiness) you get to meet so many lovely lil bloggers!! ❤ and OMG I was literally the worst; I *did not* know the Reader feature even existed

      *sends all the random hugs in the world*


  2. Ah “unplaned hiatuses”…I like to call them “surpise holidays”…ahem…I still kinda take them all the time ( I am still a blogging noobie after all) (also don’t be so harsh on fetus you she was probably doing her best and she deserved love ok ❤). I tried a lot harder to post regularly though SO YEY!
    Also I am THE BIGGEST anxious marshmallow. #anxiousmarshmallowclub (and ironic # are the best and nobody can say otherwise)
    I LOVEEEE YOUR BLOG NAME! Seriously it’s so funny!! I love everything about it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHAHAhah, that’s a great way to look at them. in fact, I just got back from a “blogging holiday” right now!! :’)

      awwW you’re so sweet!! Thank you so much ❤ but in reality fetus me was the biggest noobie in history of noobies. (oKAY that sounded a little weird, but you get the point) also if you knew the history behind my blog name, you'd be a little appalled XD

      I'm glad I can find someone who can relate to my anxious marshmallow-ness :') we can cry over books together :'')

      Liked by 1 person

  3. HANNAH!! You have made me so incredibly HONORED with this nomination!! I am among some of my FAVORITE BLOGGERS in your nominations list!! I LOVE your advice too! Haha, just disappear whenever you need to… I totally agree with that… I actually just skip some of the posts I had planned and move them to the next month. You can’t overwhelm yourself or you explode never to reform again (does this happen only to me?!) Congratulations too! You totally deserve it! ❤ You're posts are so fun and relatable!

    This is one of those awards that it's hard to do twice! And I just posted mine in August!! Now I wish I had waited!! Here are my answers if you want to read them:

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congratulations, you totally deserve it! I love your voice and graphics. I wish I knew how to make them, but then again I am lazy and probably wouldn’t take the time to do it.
    I agree with taking a break when you need too, but the hard part is not feeling awkward about it and not coming back because you are ashamed! Last time I was pregnant I left my blog for over a year. Hopefully I won’t do that again this time, except that for some reason I have two blogs which makes me feel twice as tired!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh, thank you so much!! And don’t worry, it’s actually not that difficult– though I can completely relate about the “lazy” thing. I am the epitome of laziness. :’)

      WAIT OKAY I relate to this so much. Whenever I debate going on a hiatus to deal with Stressful Real Life Things, I always end up staying because I feel so guilty/ashamed about leaving. But that’s a super toxic way to think, and you should *never* feel bad about needing to take a break (esp because you were pregnant!! :0 <3)

      and oh dear, two blogs does seem like such a handful! I have no idea how you do it #much respect

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Aw, man, my blog got started prematurely! I was planning to start it in January but started two weeks before then because I was so excited. 😂 My stats were horrible and my posts were terrible. They’re still up for everyone to see, though! I took a small break, and it’s defiantly nice to do that every once in a while to just recharge! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you for the nomination, Hannah! That’s so nice. 🙂 It’s lovely to feel appreciated– particularly since I feel like I’m returning from the dead after a week battling a Summer cold (i.e. the ABSOLUTE WORST). I could barely read I felt so bad. Ugh. Worst. So yes, I accidentally took an unplanned hiatus this past week. O_o

    You’re so right with your advice. It’s all about sharing the love and respecting yourself. I feel like all bloggers struggle with self-care. Or, perhaps the whole world does and we’re only more willing to be open about it? Who knows!

    I’ve been trying SO HARD to build a community of bloggers who will actually converse with me via comments/Twitter/etc. It’s slow going, but I can’t wait to find my Kindred Spirits in this way. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • No problem! Your reviews are always so fun to read, because they’re so eloquently composed, HAHA! and OH NO the summer cold. whenever I get sick in the summer, I feel like nature is playing a joke on me. *hands virtual cookies*

      SO TRUE. I feel like lots of bloggers (including myself) feel super bad whenever they take a break. I actually also took another unplanned hiatus this week because my life was getting out of control, and I am DROWNING IN GUILT.

      and oooooh, that sounds like a great idea!! I shall be your Kindred Spirit, too!! it’s always fun to interact via comments and discover lots of amazing bloggers who share your same passions. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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